Solvent Free Laminating Adhesive

Solvent Free Laminating Adhesive

Refective Materials

The solvent free adhesive, as green product, is especially designed to improve operational safety and provide lower cost at faster machine speed. Comens supply one component and two component solvent free adhesives for all common flexible packaging.

The one component solvent free adhesive is -NCO based polyurethane that reacts with the humidity. It is mainly used in the Paper / Plastic films and Paper / AL foil lamination.

The two component solvent free adhesive can laminate plastic film, metalized film and AL foil. It can replace the solvent based adhesive in normal application.

Comens Adhesive Character:

● High bonding strength after curing

● Good heat and chemical resistance

● Low and medium viscosity

● Low working temperature, saving energy consuming

● Fast machine speed, high productivity

● Long pot life, easy clean

● Fast PAA decay

● C.O.F stable

● Excellent ink compatibility

● Low total lamination cost

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