Solvent Based Laminating Adhesive

Solvent Based Laminating Adhesives

Refective Materials

Solvent based adhesive can do all the applications, from general purpose for snack to high performance for retorting. It is ideal choice for aggressive materials filling, high heat resistance, deep drawing and all other high performance applications in food and non-food packaging. Besides the regular product, we also have the special product to solve special problems, such as metalized layer transfer, boiling for metalized film, PVC lamination and so on.

  Comens Adhesive Character:

  • High green tack and final bonding strength

  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance

  • Excellent aggressive materials resistance

  • High mechanical stability

  • High transparency

  • Fast curing

  • Low solvent retention

  • Widespread application

  • Full range technology: polyester / polyether, aromatic / aliphatic, straight / reverse curing

  • Many choices on viscosity: low, medium, high viscosity

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