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Water Based  Adhesive Series for Flexible Lamination
Comens water-based adhesives are based on polyurethane and acrylic technologies.
We have two series of water-based adhesives. One type is for the plastic film and metalized film lamination, which can replace the solvent based adhesive in the general purpose flexible light packaging lamination, for example snack, candy, instant noodle and so on. It belongs to the flexible lamination.
Another type of water-based adhesive is for paper or board to BOPP or Polyester film lamination, mainly used in the making of book covers, calendars shopping bags and luxurious carton boxes for wine, cosmetic, medicine, food, toy, gift and so on. This kind of water based adhesive is also called gloss lamination adhesive or graphic arts adhesive.

Characters of wWater-based Lamination Adhesive:
•  Faster cycle time to slitting or further processing
•  Excellent transparency on clear film lamination
•  Can be used directly, don’t need dilution
•  Good heat, chemical, water and humidity resistance
•  Can be used on dry laminating machine
•  No solvents, no solvent retention
•  Lower cost