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Solvent Free Flexible Package Adhesive
The solvent free adhesive, as green-friendly adhesive for flexible packaging lamination, is designed to improve operational safety and low the lamination cost with faster lamination speed and solvent saving, which is fully compliance with FDA and EA rules. COMENS offers 2-part and 1-part solvent free flexible packaging adhesives for plastic films, metalzied films, paperboard, paper and ALU foil lamination with strong technical service support.

2-part Solvent Free  Laminating Adhesive:
•   Can be used for plastic films, Metalized film and Alu foil lamination.
•   Low to medium viscosity series adhesives
•   Long pot life, easy clean
•   Small volume usage and high bonding strength;
•   Curing under 40-50℃ for 32 hours 
•   Good  water-boiling or retorting resistance for plastic laminated films. 
•   We install a Simplex Solvent free laminator from Nordmeccanica in our technical department for testing, to make sure our solvent free adhesive work well. If necessary, we can do the primal test on our laminator according to customer's requirment firstly, and then provide a total solution to customer. 

1-part Solvent Fress Flexibla Package Adhesives:
•   —NCO based polyurethane adhesive, curing through reaction with humidity.
•  Application for paper to films lamination. like BOPP/Paper for A4 paper packaging,  paper/ALU foil for chewing packaging.