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Solvent Based Flexible Packaging Adhesive

COMENS professionally manufactures food-grade solvent based flexible packaging laminating adhesives since 1999. We offer various laminating adhesives from general to high perfomance, to meet different flexible packaging requirments with most suitable solution. Our flexible packaging adhesives are used widely in the different market like: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and others.

High Perfomrance Adhesive

•  For films and ALU foil lamination with high bonding strength
Excellent chemical resistance
•  Excellent aggressive content resistance, can be used to contain very aggressive filling goods.  
Excellent retorting resistance in ALU foil contained laminates (121℃×40min; 125℃×40min; 135℃×30min). 
•  Used for pet food, fruit juice, meat, pesticide, cup lid,
cold-forming blister packaging lamination and so on.


Medium Performance Adhesive
•  Mainly for plastic films, metalized films and ALU foil lamination, with high bonding strength.
Good chemical resistance, and good additives resistance
•  Good water boiling and retorting resistance for plastic laminated films.
•  Used in the end user applications like liquid detergent, medicine, cooking oil, seasoning,frozen food packaging lamination and so on.

General Performance Adhesive
•  Mainly for plastic films and metalized films lamination
•  Good transparency and high bonding strength.
 Fast curing speed adhesive: slitting can be done after curing 4 hours under 40~50℃
•  Special type adhesive for metalized film lamination to 
reduce metalized layer transferring
•  Speical adhesive with Low viscosity and 45% high working solid content  to get lower coating cost.
•  Special low viscosity adhesive for very
fast lamination speed higher than 200m/min.

Application Market
•  Food and Beverage
•  Medical market
 Sterilization treated package ( water boiling, retorting)
•  Detergent and Cosmetics 
 Aggressive filling goods (spicy, acid, pesticide...)
•  High Additives contained films laminates (thick PE film lamination)
 Cold pressing blister package