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Film to Steel Lamination PU Adhesive

Before, the steel is printed directly. It is energy consuming with heavy environmental pollution, and the productivity is very low. After printing, the ink coating is easily damaged due to rub or bump. 
With the special adhesive and process, we can laminate the printed film to the steel at low cost. Now we can print on the film (PET or PVC) to get better printing performance, and then laminated on steel(PET/Steel,PVC/steel). We also can laminate the high gloss film to the steel to improve the gloss ability. 
The film to steel laminated materials are widely used in different application, such as drum, tin, ceiling material, panel for home appliances, and panel for door and so on.
Comens Adhesive Character:
♦  High bonding strength
♦  Excellent cupping and rush striking ability
♦  Good fogy resistance
♦  Good heat and chemical resistance
Main Application:
♦  Drum & Can: 
♦  Aerosol
♦  Ceiling Material
♦  Panel for Home Appliance
♦  Panel for Door